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Vision and Core Values

Our mission at Thomas Nelson High School  is to Npower Lives and Excavate Gifts of our Generals. It is to that end we seek to integrate COMMUNITY Centered LEARNING experiences with the work occurring in our classrooms to the demand of evolving industry of our larger local, national, and global COMMUNITIES. Our work, however, does not solely focus on the content knowledge our students will need to flourish within their chosen future stories, we also seek to build a strong COMMUNITY of CARE and CONNECTedness.


We believe we are a COMMUNITY of possibilities. It is within this we know there is power in each member of our COMMUNITY sharing their gifts. Each of our students possess unique gifts, waiting to be shared with the world.  We believe as CARETakers we must work to CREATE opportunities for all of our students to discover and share these gifts. In partnership with industry and school LEADERs it is our goal every student will have a work and or college experience by 2021. Our students are the architects of their future stories. At Thomas Nelson we believe in the power of providing opportunities for all students to embrace student LEADERship experiences both in and outside of our school walls.


As a COMMUNITY of CARETakers our intentions are not modest. We seek to build a future that defies the status quo. We do not apologize for our high expectations of our students, LEADERs, and COMMUNITY members. 


We believe together we are brilliant.

Together, we can change the world

Courtney Newton

Thomas Nelson High School Principal