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Tanner Adams

We are excited to celebrate Tanner Adams as our NEXT award winner! Below are just a few reasons why his teachers want to recognize him. Tanner is a Leader at OKH because he exhibits all the LEAD values every day. In class Tanner is an active participant and is willing to make mistakes. He desires to learn and seeks the why when asking questions instead of just getting the answer. He is also a leader on the basketball court where he plays hard every game.

Tanner never misses practice and sometimes even plays hurt not only because he loved basketball but because he doesn't want to let his team down. He is always kind and considerate to his classmates, goes above and beyond with his classwork, and is always willing to contribute to classroom discussion.  He consistently shows initiative and enthusiasm towards classroom activities, and always strives to reach his full potential.  We know that we can always count on Tanner!