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Madden Ayers

Madden Ayers is a quiet young man who really stepped out this year by connecting with his community and stepping up as a classroom leader who exceeded all expectations. Madden joined the BETA Club and we saw so much leadership potential in his mannerisms. He led in BETA and is a leader in and outside the classroom. He is a friend to everyone, steps up to help others when he sees a need, and thinks outside the box. Madden created a beautiful checkerboard table for the BETA Convention and placed in the top 5, earning him a spot at Nationals.

He did all the work himself. Madden enjoys spending time with his community and doing what he can to improve New Haven. He has a passion for helping others, and family is his top priority. He enjoys helping his dad prepare for races and cheers him on while standing on the sidelines.

He helps teachers prepare their classrooms each morning by unstacking chairs and greeting his fellow peers. We are honored to call him a MUSTANG.