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Jessa Simpson

Jessa Simpson | Bloomfield Middle School

Empowering students to develop new skills is a priority at BMS, but enhancing student talents and gifts they already possess take them to the NEXT level.  This describes our Jessa Simpson to the fullest and her role at BMS!

Jessa is an 8th grader and plays for the BMS Girls' Volleyball team.  She is also in Beta, a member of the Student NRG Team and works all home games for the Boys' Basketball team as official scorer.  

Jessa has a natural ability to communicate and listen to others beyond most students her age.  Jessa entered BMS with such leadership skills that we knew we had to continue to develop the to the fullest!  

Jessa has been an office aide throughout her 7th and now her 8th grade year at BMS as part of her role on the Student NRG Team.  If a new student enrolls,  Jessa shows them the ropes.  If one of the office workers is running behind in the mornings, Jessa covers the front office during the mad rush called morning arrival.

Jessa has taught BMS so much about the importance of finding and providing opportunities for students to shine.

Jessa defines BMS - Building, Modeling, Serving.  Jessa is BMS!