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Annie Mousty

Annie Mousty | Old Kentucky Home Middle

Dependable, reliable, kind, outgoing, personable, take charge, bright smile — these are only a few words to describe Annie Mousty. Annie is a leader is every way. Annie utilizes a quiet leadership style. She is able to command a room by simply just walking into it. She lives the power of uniting people, place and purpose each and every day as a Wildcat!

She dares to go the distance by helping other students in her classes understand the material being covered.

Within the community, Annie is the manager of the OKH Boys basketball team and a volleyball player. As a student, Annie brings solutions to issues she observes to help support unity and community building. As an ArchiteX, she has led in the design and execution of Lead Rallies, dances and many other annual rituals and traditions that foster a sense of belonging at OKH.