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Bradley Jackson

Bradley is a dedicated and talented student who is a pleasure to teach and work with in the Information Technology program at the Nelson County ATC.

Throughout his time in the program, Bradley has demonstrated a deep passion and interest in the field of information technology. Bradley is a catalyst for learning and education as he improves and adds to any team dynamic participation.

He is always eager to learn and explore new concepts, and his enthusiasm is contagious among his classmates. 

  • Feb 2023
  • NEXT Awards
Keegan Frost

Keegan Frost exemplifies what the ideal young adult should be in every facet of his life. His personality and charisma are unparalleled within Nelson County High School. 

His presence among his peers and his work with younger Bloomfield students as an Elementary School Student Aid showcases his passion to help those around him to become the best versions of themselves. It also highlights his desire develop on his career pathway in order to enter the education field. The manner in which he achieves this is through empowering others and instilling confidence in them, but that is only one of his unique gifts to our community. 

Active within the FFA and E-Sports, Keegan displays his leadership and strives to create and impact both programs in the most positive manner. Keegan is also involved as the Nelson County Ky Junior Cattleman’s Association as the vice president and is part of the NCHS Peer Counselor program. Keegan has displayed his love of NCHS in volunteering for whatever is needed within and outside of our building.  It is our true belief that Keegan makes NCHS better every day and that his efforts will transcend his time at NCHS by the positive effects he has had on our students and our community.

  • Feb 2023
  • NEXT Awards
Jessa Simpson

Empowering students to develop new skills is a priority at BMS, but enhancing student talents and gifts they already possess take them to the NEXT level.  This describes our Jessa Simpson to the fullest and her role at BMS!

Jessa is an 8th grader and plays for the BMS Girls' Volleyball team.  She is also in Beta, a member of the Student NRG Team and works all home games for the Boys' Basketball team as official scorer.  Jessa has a natural ability to communicate and listen to others beyond most students her age.  Jessa entered BMS with such leadership skills that we knew we had to continue to develop the to the fullest!  

Jessa has been an office aide throughout her 7th and now her 8th grade year at BMS as part of her role on the Student NRG Team.  If a new student enrolls,  Jessa shows them the ropes.  If one of the office workers is running behind in the mornings, Jessa covers the front office during the mad rush called morning arrival.

Jessa has taught BMS so much about the importance of finding and providing opportunities for students to shine.  

  • Feb 2023
  • NEXT Awards
Annie Mousty

Dependable, reliable, kind, outgoing, personable, take charge, bright smile — these are only a few words to describe Annie Mousty. Annie is a leader is every way. Annie utilizes a quiet leadership style. She is able to command a room by simply just walking into it. She lives the power of uniting people, place and purpose each and every day as a Wildcat!

She dares to go the distance by helping other students in her classes understand the material being covered.

Within the community, Annie is the manager of the OKH Boys basketball team and a volleyball player. As a student, Annie brings solutions to issues she observes to help support unity and community building. As an ArchiteX, she has led in the design and execution of Lead Rallies, dances and many other annual rituals and traditions that foster a sense of belonging at OKH.

  • Jan 2023
  • NEXT Awards

Honoring our first NEXT Award Winners

In the Fall of 2022, NCS started asking: Who's NEXT? The monthly NEXT Awards recognize students throughout our district as they realize the NPossible.

Each month five students are celebrated for their contributions to their schools, their classmates and their communities.

The purpose of the awards is to recognize students who lead by example and exceed expectations as they show the power of People, Place and Purpose. 

Students demonstrate that power in many ways, including:

  • The ability to connect with people in their community to create something meaningful to others around them
  • Showing confidence and leadership to others out of a desire to help places not only around them but throughout the district
  • Leading, connecting and creating something extraordinary with everyone around them to broaden horizons