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Nelson County Community Campus

Uniting Middle and High on Nelson County High School Campus

The Nelson County High Community Campus will renovate and retrofit much of the building that was originally built in the late 1960s. As architects have worked with staff, they have developed plans for a renovated middle-school wing on the east side of the building with its own entrance. The west side of the campus, the end closest to the Area Technology Center, will be the home for high-schoolers.

Planners have focused on modernizing learning areas and flexible spaces while designing the campus so that the middle and high wings maintain their individual identities. As of Spetember 2022, architects had presented two options. The first would renovate the existing building. The second would construct a new, two-story high school wing and renovate the eastern side of the existing building into a middle school wing while also keeping the gymnasium and other shared spaces. Once the high school wing is constructed, this option would convert a large portion of the existing building into a green space and alumni park cradled between the middle and high wings.

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