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Cox's Creek

Renovation of Cox's Creek Elementary

Cox's Creek Elementary will be transformed inside and out as part of the District Facility Plan approved in 2021.

A new covered entryway will shelter students and guests from the elements. Another focus of renovation planning is the media center. The two wings of the building converge so that it is shaped like an "L," with the media center on the inside of the junction. Architects have drafted plans to convert the space just outside of the media center into an outdoor learning and play area, utilizing this space as a natural courtyard complete with a walking trail, play equipment and outdoor learning areas. The renovated media center would create access to this area and tie the indoors to the outdoors.

Other renovations include refinishing floorways, improvements to HVAC and other critical systems and cosmetic improvements to the interior.

Cox's Creek School Future Vision

Serving our growth areas

The Cox's Creek area of Nelson County, which extends along Louisville Road and KY 245, is one of the fastest growing residential areas of the county. As families choose to live closer to city centers, these areas outlying the Bardstown city limits and stretching north toward Louisville and Mount Washington. According to the U.S. Census, these are the only areas in the county that experienced growth in the school-aged population over the past decade.

These settlements patterns are one reason to invest in Cox's Creek Elementary, which serves children living in these growth areas. 

School Focus

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