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Justin Mobley is a Senior at Nelson County High School who participated in the Aerospace Build program this year.


SENIOR STORY:  Mobley builds future through aerospace program.

Justin Mobley is gaining crucial knowledge and hands-on experience at the Aerospace Build Program, all while paving the way for his future career.

Justin, a senior at Nelson County, joined the Aerospace Build program his senior year after three years of being a part of the automotive program. Justin discovered his love for cars very early into high school, but wanted to take the next step up. 

His senior year he was interviewed and accepted into the aerospace build program. 

The build program has allowed Justin to find a new passion that he now plans to pursue after graduation. 

Justin plans to go to Michigan to attend the school of Missionary Aviation Technology. He hopes to get his aircraft maintenance certification. 

Justin has picked up on the skills of aircraft maintenance fairly quickly and has found a new passion for creating something out of nothing. 

Aerospace Build instructor Bill Hammond said, “He is one of the go to guys. He is sharp mechanically. He has a really good connection between his head and his hands.” 

Justin goes to the Bardstown Airport every day for two hours of class, then goes to his co-op job at American Tire. 

“It is really neat that I get to see two sides to the mechanic field. I like working on cars, but now I know I like working on airplanes more,” Justin said.

Every day the build program students are coming in and furthering the construction of the airplane to ensure its ready for test flying at the end of the school year. 

Justin explained how he enjoys learning alongside fellow students because they can teach one another and work through their problems. 

“Being in this program has made me realize how much I enjoy it. I enjoyed working on cars, but I enjoy this even more. It is not an opportunity that many people get and it is really cool to see it come together after months of work” Justin Mobley

Justin said he is looking forward to starting a new experience after graduation, but also taking all of the knowledge he has learned and applying it to his future work. 

Justin explained how high school was a process of figuring out what he was most passionate about. Thanks to the build program, he was able to begin creating his future story plans all before he graduates high school. 

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