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Nine NCS Class of '23 Students Receive Associate Degrees

Nelson County Schools seniors are paving the way for their future story by graduating with their associate degree

A handful of Nelson County High and Thomas Nelson seniors have gotten a jump start on their college education by graduating high school with their associate degree. 

Nelson County senior Cecelia Rogers has been taking dual credit courses since her sophomore year which allowed her to take 60 credit hours and graduate with her associate in science. Rogers plans to go to EKU to double major in Forensic Biology and Biomedical Sciences to become a Forensic Pathologist. 

“Graduating with my associates degree put me in the right place to be able to double major and receive both degrees in four years. I am only able to do this because of the dual credit courses I have taken”, Rogers said. 

Rogers explained how all students that are thinking about college should take advantage of dual credit courses because of the monetary benefits. Taking dual credit and AP courses in high school saves time and money for the future. Dual credit courses in high school are about ⅓ of the cost of what they would be in college. 

Thomas Nelson senior Justice Edelen says that all the hard work he put in for his associate degree is well worth it for all the benefits that come with it. 

“Overall, I am glad that I got my Associate’s before I graduated because I have less classes to take when I go off to a university. Also, having a 2-year degree opens up a lot of job opportunities, “ said TNHS senior Justice Edelen. 

In total, there are four Thomas Nelson seniors graduating with their associate degree. These students are Emma Ballard, Brenden Clendening, Justice Edlin, and Atlas Osborne.

From Nelson County, there are five students that will graduate with their associate degree. These students are Jacob Solorzano Jamarillo, Krysta Miles, Luke Phelps, Cecelia Rogers, and Reagen Trzop. 

Through Elizabethtown Community & Technical College courses, these students have taken at least 60 credit hours worth of classes. By attaining these credits, these seniors will be able to jump right into their major in college. 

These seniors are making history by being the largest group of students to graduate with their associate degrees. 

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