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HOSA benefits students, community
A Nelson County student uses a syringe to draw medication

Logan Shelton, a junior at NCHS, CCMA student and HOSA member, gets hands-on experience drawing medication into a syringe.


HOSA offers students profession experience and leadership opportunities

By JILLIAN MINTER | TNHS Class of 2023

For students interested in the healthcare field, the county wide HOSA club allows students to collaborate and compete while furthering their education. 

HOSA stands for Health Occupation Students of America and its goal is to learn, lead, serve, and innovate for future health professionals. The organization is led by Julie Craig and Brittany Newton, who both teach Health Sciences at the Nelson County Area Technology Center.

Students from both Nelson County and Thomas Nelson participate in this club by attending meetings, conferences and participating in Health Science classes. Most students in HOSA are also in the Health Science Collab, which allows for easy communication. 

HOSA made history in December, when it competed for the first time at the South Central Regional Conference in Bowling Green. There were numerous competitions so that students could compete in their specific healthcare field. Nine HOSA members competed in specific healthcare fields with four placing and receiving recognitions, certificates, and medals. The HOSA State Leadership Conference takes place March 23-25 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville. 

Students put a lot of effort into HOSA, but they are rewarded personally and academically.

“It’s worth the extra time and commitment,” said Emma Dunford, a senior at Thomas Nelson. “The HOSA group is always willing to help with schoolwork and it is a great community that I love being a part of.” 

Skyler Tomesek-Armstong, a junior at Nelson County, said the club prepares students for a field they hope to one day work in.

“There are so many different opportunities to gear yourself to what you want to do ‘specifically’ in the healthcare field. You also get lots of hands-on experience.” 

A student uses a stethoscope on a medical manequin.

Alaina Kooser, a junior at NCHS, CCMA student and HOSA member, gets practical experience at the Nelson County Area Technology Center.


HOSA also offers leadership opportunities, such as serving in office at the local, state and national levels. Thomas Nelson Senior Westin Geohagan is the district-wide HOSA president. 

Seven NCHS juniors who are Certified Clinical Medical Assisting students held a blood drive through the American Red Cross Jan. 13. The blood drive was organized and run completely by the students.

Craig said the club is constantly finding ways to serve their community. Just recently, HOSA took a field trip to the adult day care provider, Active Day, that provides club activities for those in our community with disabilities. 

Craig and Newton use these trips as a learning experience to teach more about the healthcare field. 

“I don't know who loved it more, the Active Day members or the HOSA members, because the students are already begging to go back,” Craig said.

Nelson County results from the South Central Regional Conference

  • 1st Place, Medical Law & Ethics, Emma Dunford, TNHS
  • 1st Place, Clinical Nursing, Westin Geoghegan, TNHS
  • 3rd Place, Prepared Speaking, Yasmine Norvang, NCHS
  • 5th Place, Behavioral Health, Skyler Tomesek-Armstrong, NCHS
  • 5th Place, Medical Spelling, Skyler Tomesek-Armstrong, NCHS

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