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Air Conditioning Technology

Instructor: Chris Brown

Possible Industry Certifications:

  • EPA Section 608 Certification

Are you interested in the field of air conditioning technology? Persons considering careers in heating and air conditioning should enjoy hands-on projects involving fixing, repairing and/or installing heating or air conditioning units. Job prospects for highly skilled heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers are expected to be very plentiful!

Classes in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) are small with lots of one-on-one instruction. Each class in HVAC at Nelson County ATC begins with an introduction to the equipment and materials to be used. Installing and servicing heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment are the focus of this program. Academic courses, theory courses, and laboratory experiences are designed to promote success in the air conditioning field.

Each year the Skills USA sponsors a series of electrical troubleshooting, soldering, and brazing of copper tubing contests. The contest allows students from around the nation to test their skills against other students. The local contest leads to district and state contests, then to national, and finally to the International Skill Olympics. Skills USA, like other professional organizations, helps to promote quality in the HVAC profession.

Students at Nelson County ATC have the opportunity to become certified. The certification is offered to graduating students that have completed the required HVAC courses. This test is free of charge to students that are Skills USA members, however, non-members may have to pay anywhere from $35.00 to $40.00, depending on the type of certification. Non-students might pay anywhere from $100 plus per certification.

Our courses include:

ACR 100 Refrigeration Fundamentals – Introduces the fundamentals of refrigeration, refrigeration terms, and the basic refrigeration cycle. Proper use of tools, test equipment, and materials is stressed. Environmental issues including refrigerant handling are discussed. Refrigerant piping and methods used to join them are taught. General and specific safety is emphasized.

ACR 102 HVAC Electricity – This course introduces students to the basic physics of electricity. Students apply Ohm’s law; measure resistance, voltage, ohms, watts and amps; construct various types of electrical circuits; select wire and fuse sizes; and learn to troubleshoot an electric motor and motor controls.

ACR 130 Electrical Components – This course defines the electrical components of an air conditioning system. Different types of line voltages, wiring diagrams, and solid-state devices are included. Safety is emphasized.

ACR 260 Heating and Humidification – Explains heating systems from simple fossil fuel furnaces through more complex systems. This course will also concentrate on the line and control voltage circuitry pertaining to these systems. ARI Controls: Subtopics A-C; Heating Systems: Subtopics A-C; System Installation and Start-Up: Subtopics A and B; System Servicing and Troubleshooting: Subtopic C; Tools and Equipment: Subtopic D

ACR 270 Heat Pump Applications -Explains reverse cycle heating systems, defrost cycles, reversing valves,and auxiliary heating. This course will also concentrate on the line and control voltage circuitry pertaining to these units. ARI Controls: Subtopic E; Heat Pump Systems: Subtopics A and B; System Installation and Start-Up: Subtopic C; System Servicing and Troubleshooting: Subtopic E

ACR 250 Cooling and Dehumidification – Explains the working characteristics of air conditioning units with air and water cooled condensers. Line, low voltage and pneumatic controls will also be covered. ARI – Air Conditioning Systems: Subtopics A-E; System Installation and Start-Up: Subtopic D; System Servicing and Troubleshooting: Subtopic D; Controls: Subtopic D

ACR 290 Journeyman Prep -A series of discussions and presentations pertaining to the proper application of HVAC codes. The class will help prepare the student to pass the Kentucky Journeyman HVAC licensing exam.

ISX 100 Industrial Safety -This course provides practical training in industrial safety. The students are taught to observe general safety rules and regulations, to apply work site and shop safety rules, and to apply OSHA regulations. Students are expected to obtain certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

ACR 199 Co-Op Education -Co-op I provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the student’s educational objectives. Students participating in the Cooperative Education program receive compensation for their work.

ACR 198 Internship -Internship provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the student’s educational objectives. Students participating in the internship do not receive compensation.