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Teresa Henderson named Director of Next Generation Learning for P-5, Hoyes to lead ELC

Teresa Hendersson

The first ever Next Generation P-5 Learning Director sees her role as an extension of focus on pre-kindergarten learners.

Teresa Henderson was announced as the Director of Next Generation Learning for P-5 Thursday. Henderson has spent the last three years as principal of the Nelson County Early Learning Center. Her new position will build on the momentum the district has made in early childhood education during those years, wherein the ELC has enhanced its position as one of the premier public early childhood centers in the state and one of the few to offer full-day education for 3- and 4-year-olds. 

“Much of what I have learned about the educational fundamentals at the Early Learning Center will carry forward into the elementary school years,” Henderson said. “I am excited to build bridges across the district and ensure our students are educated through a personal lens to have their individual needs met.” 

At the ELC, Henderson guided the expansion of early childhood education into communities throughout Nelson County. Previously, the ELC was centered at its facility in Bardstown. Starting in August, the Early Learning Center will also offer pre-K education in Boston, Bloomfield and New Haven. She said if enrollment trends continue as expected, the ELC is on pace to see a 30% increase in the number of children served. 

Henderson’s new position will build upon the NCS Board’s Next Generation guarantee to provide both foundational early learning skills and next generation learning competencies. 

She has three children younger than 9; the eldest two attend Bloomfield Elementary. Henderson has 13 years experience in education as a teacher and administrator.

“Teresa’s passion for students is obvious to anyone that works with her. The future of early learning and elementary schools is energized, and Teresa will only strengthen that energy ,” Bradley said. “We are fortunate to have so many strong early childhood educators across our schools. To this end, Emmy Hoyes will transition into the Preschool Director role after working closely with the ELC team. Emmy’s leadership, alongside Teresa and the ELC team has been essential over the past few years.” 

Hoyes to transition as Early Childhood Director

Emmy Hoyes will lead the day-to-day operation of the ELC at its Bardstown facility and community classrooms, deepening her ties to pre-K education. Emmy Hoyes

“I’m excited to build on the groundwork laid by our amazing leaders at ELC,” Hoyes said. “Teresa came in and pushed us to be open to possibilities. Our leaders ran with the permission to ignite passion in our youngest community members. Our story has evolved greatly over the years. I am so thankful to be a part of ELC’s journey.”

Hoyes joined the district in 2009 as a school psychologist and has worked with students of all ages throughout the system. She has three children, her eldest a 2022 graduate of Thomas Nelson and her youngest an incoming 4-year-old at the ELC next month.

“As we continue to grow, I look forward to partnering with and deepening our connection to our Nelson County community members. Throughout the summer we have seen our ELC locations at Bloomfield Elementary, Boston, and New Haven come to life and prepare to open their doors and arms to our young learners.” 

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