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Meal Prices

State and federal governments reimburse school districts for a portion of the cost of school meals. “Reimbursable meals” are combinations of food items served to students at breakfast and lunch. Specific combination requirements are set by the federal government. If students do not take the minimum specifications, they must be charged for each individual item which is more costly.  


Reimbursable Breakfast: 

  • 3 items must be taken, one must be a fruit


Reimbursable Lunch: 

  • 3 items must be taken, one must be a fruit or a vegetable 


Adult/Staff Meals: 

  • No reimbursement received, the price covers the cost of a regular portioned meal




Elementary School

Middle and High School

Adult Prices


  • Paid: $1.35

  • Reduced: $0.30

  • Paid: $1.35

  • Reduced: $0.30



  • Paid: $2.25

  • Reduced: $0.40

  • Paid: $2.50

  • Reduced: $0.40




Adult meals do not qualify for federal reimbursement. These meals are priced to cover a regular portioned meal. There is no charging of adult meals allowed.