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Application Procedures

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Thank you for your interest in employment with the Nelson County Schools. Before completing an application, please read the information below and follow the steps indicated:

E-mail Address

You must have an active e-mail address to use the online application. If you do not have an e-mail address, you may go here to set up a free account before beginning your application.

Step 1: Application

To be considered as an applicant, you must provide the following:

Please note:

The Nelson County Schools must obtain three references for each candidate considered for employment unless the applicant has had only one employer for the previous five years. Certificated applicants should provide information that includes their most recent principal or cooperating teacher, college supervisors' names, or other educational references deemed appropriate including current telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Classified applicants should provide the names of their three most recent employers including the supervisors' names, current telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Failure to provide accurate information will result in a delay in the employment process.

Administrative Positions

Certified Teaching Positions

Classified (non-teaching) Positions

Step 2: Interview

Once you have completed the application process, your file will be reviewed and considered for employment. A formal screening interview may be scheduled either in person or by telephone. When the review process is completed, your application may be considered for existing vacancies for which you qualify.

To view vacant positions, please click here.

Step 3: Appointment

Please note: Only a representative of the Human Resource Department is authorized to make offers of employment.

Step 4: Orientation

Certified employees must attend new teacher orientation. Classified employees must attend a new employee orientation session following acceptance of employment.

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