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Welcome to your Library/Media Center

Statement of Philosophy/Mission 

The mission of the Cox’s Creek Elementary School Library Media program is to enable students and staff to become life-long learners and effective users of ideas and information. In cooperation with one another, the Library Media Specialist and classroom teachers will plan and deliver units of study which integrate information skills with classroom content. Resources, materials, and activities representing diverse experiences and skills will encourage and facilitate students in becoming skilled users of information. The program also will emphasize the value of reading for pleasure and the appreciation and enjoyment of literature.

Nelson County Schools Vision Statement 
Cox’s Creek Elementary School Belief Statements and Mission Statement


Cox’s Creek Elementary School Library Creed

I am a reader and a learner.

I can find books in the library for myself.

I can use information to answer my questions and do my assignments.

I can find pleasure or purpose in all genres of literature.

I will care for the books I borrow and return them promptly.

I will not interfere with the learning of others.

I can become a lifelong leaner by using the library. 


Selection Goals

 The Nelson County School District recognizes the rights inherent in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and supports the principles of intellectual freedom expressed in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement. Therefore, it is the policy of this district to provide information and resources in classrooms and library media centers in accordance with Constitutional protection. 

Educational suitability is the major criterion for the selecting of resources. Professional staff must use educational criteria and professional judgment rather than personal opinions, values, and beliefs in the selection of resources. 

Responsibility for Selection

As governing body of the school district, the Nelson County Board of Education shall be legally responsible for the supervision of selection of educational resources. Authority for selection shall be delegated to the library media personnel with faculty and/or SBDM participating in the collection development process. All purchases must be approved by the principal.

The Textbook Committee, along with the principal, will be responsible for coordinating the selection and purchase of textbooks. 

Selection Criteria

In schools with SBDM school councils, the council shall consult with the school media librarian on the maintenance of the school library media center, including purchase of instructional materials, information technology, and equipment. In schools without SBDM school councils, the librarian and media personnel shall be responsible for coordinating the selection and recommending to the Principal for the purchase of materials and equipment based on the existing collection, the curriculum, and the needs of the school.
Resources should:

  1. Be selected according to the general educational goals of the district, the goals and objectives of the individual schools and specific courses, and the interests of the students and staff.
  1. Be appropriate for the age, interests, abilities, learning styles, social development, and maturity levels of the students.
  1. Provide information to motivate students and staff to examine their own attitudes and behavior to comprehend their duties, responsibilities, rights, and privileges as participating citizens in our society, and to make informed judgments in their daily lives.
  1. Represent the diversity of religious ethnic, political, and cultural values held in a world.
  1. Illustrate historical and contemporary forces in society to enable users to recognize and understand social, economic, personal, and political problems.
  1. Provide various points of view about issues, including those considered to be controversial, represent various theories about the physical environment and the universe.
  1. Encourage the enjoyment of reading and the quest for knowledge. 


The Library Media Specialist is responsible for weeding materials on an “as-needed” basis. The “MUSTY” method of weeding will be utilized to determine what will be removed from the collection:

       M- misleading or inaccurate information

       U- ugly condition, beyond repair

       S- superseded by newer editions

       T- trivial, of no literary or scientific merit

       Y- your collection has no use for this item


Gifts to the library shall be reviewed by and accepted or rejected at the discretion of the library media specialist, subject to review by the principal.

Controversial Materials

The school library media specialist promotes intellectual freedom; students have access to a wide variety of resources, including materials in the school’s library media center, as well as nearby schools, public libraries, academic libraries, and networks.

The Library Bill of Rights  

According to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceable to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Reconsideration of Materials

Request for Reconsideration of Instructional/Library Materials
Reconsideration of Instructional/Media Materials 
Review of Instructional Materials
Review of Challenged Instructional Materials
Reconsideration Decision of Challenged Instructional/Media Materials



Fiction, nonfiction, and some reference materials are checked out for a period of one week. Professional materials are available for staff check out. Materials for parents are available for one week check out; additional parent resources are available through the Family Resource Room.


Students may renew materials two times (for a total of three weeks of check-out) UNLESS a ‘hold’ has been placed on the book by another patron. Materials must be brought into the media center for renewal.

Inventory/Survey of Holdings

Inventory will be performed each year and will be completed by rotating sections of the library.

Cooperative Collection Development

Currently there is no advisory group for the library. Teachers, students, and parents may offer suggestions verbally, by email, or in writing. Each librarian in the Nelson County District is responsible for ordering his/her own material.

District Collection Development Policy

Currently, each local school within the district has its own Collection Development Policy.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services

Nelson County Schools do participate in Interlibrary Loan Services within the county. All schools within the county use Destiny Library Manager. All school websites provide a link for patrons to research materials. Once materials are located, patrons can request loan of those materials online, by telephone, or in person. If materials need to be delivered to a specific site, they can travel with school or district personnel to any school or district location within the county.

Rentals/Leased Materials

Currently there are no materials for rent or lease in the Cox’s Creek Elementary Library Media Center.  All materials are loaned for free. 


When possible, damaged materials will be mended by the patron and/or the library media specialist. Families are expected to pay for or replace irreparable or lost books. 

Public Relations/Promotion of Library Services 


Classroom teachers will collaborate with the library media specialist through email, helpdesk, professional learning community meetings (when schedules allow), and during other designated times. 

Library Fundraisers

Book fairs will be used to earn money for the media center. A maximum of two book fairs can be held per year (Fall/Spring).  Money from book fairs will be used to purchase books and other materials needed in the LMC.

Appendices and Intellectual Freedom Documents

Library Bill of Rights 

CDP Review and Revision of Policies

The librarian shall inventory and review the collection at least every two (2) years for wear and obsolescence and, with the approval of the Principal, dispose of materials which are no longer suitable for use for these reasons.