Central Office Student and turtle see eye to eye. ROTC student uses geoposition tool during school exercise.
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Superintendent's Message

Anthony Orr
Executive Staff

Welcome to our Nelson County Schools!

Superintendent Anthony Orr photoThe Nelson County Board of Education’s vision of “Quality Education Now — Learning for Life” exemplifies our mission as educators. In our uncertain economy, it is critically important that our schools, our families and our community partner in providing a framework in which our students can learn, and can develop a lifelong love of learning.

We invite you to become involved in the process of educating our young people. From providing a home environment that encourages learning to collaboration with our staff to volunteering your time or resources, we encourage each and every person in our community to become a part of the education process.

Education is vital to the success of our children! Find a way to get involved!

Anthony Orr

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Carla McKay


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